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Research programmes in France: PREDIT

The Research Incentives Programme is a tool for coordinating incentives for research and innovation. It is an instrument which uses research project funding as a means to focus research on identified priority areas (for economic, political reasons etc.).

Committees of experts are set up to assess the projects submitted in response to calls for projects. All or some of those assessed positively are then funded within the limit of the budget allocation available.

Research programmes address communities of various sizes. There are regional programmes, national programmes (such as PREDIT the Research and Innovation in Land Transport Programme), bilateral programmes, European programmes (such as the framework programme for research and development) and even international programmes.

These programmes can be funded and lead at national or European level for example, depending on their scope. There are often regional structures in place (competitiveness clusters etc.) to lead these programmes, as well as processes for co-funding.

Below is a presentation of the Research and Innovation in Land Transport Programme (PREDIT), the instrument for coordinating research and innovation incentives in this field at national level. There is also a presentation of the Funding for the Future (Investissements d’avenir) programme. Finally, this section provides details of the bodies which fund the selected projects.

PREDIT - Research and Innovation in Land Transport Programme

In the 1990s, France decided to equip itself with a tool for coordinating incentives for research and innovation in the field of land transport: The Research and Innovation in Land Transport Programme (PREDIT)

Lead by the Ministries of Transport,  Research and  Industry along with the ANR (French National Research Agency),  The ADEME(French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and by OSEO (National Innovation Agency), this system for programming, monitoring and providing expertise is governed by a protocol agreement signed by the  ministries and directors of the agencies involved.  The last protocol agreement was signed in 2008 for a five year period. This was the founding act of PREDIT 4.


The Investissements d’avenir (Funding for the Future) (e.g. National Loan)

The Investissements d’Avenir (Funding for the Future) programme set up in 2010 aims to prepare France for the challenges of the future by investing ¤35 billion in higher education, training and research, industrial sectors and SMEs, sustainable development, and digital applications.  It is coordinated by a National Investment Commission which reports to the Prime Minister.

This programme is particularly concerned with information and communication technologies (ICT) and has two key priorities: The development of high-speed broadband networks and user support, and innovative digital content and services.


The Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing (MEDDTL)

The MEDDTL is heavily involved in the PREDIT.  This involvement extends to accommodating the PREDIT permanent secretariat responsible for coordinating and managing the programme, and managing the programme’s various governance structures.


The Ministry for Higher Education and Research

The Ministry for Higher Education and Research is responsible for steering and strategic planning for the research system via the Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DGRI) equipped with a strategy steering committee. It plays a key role along with the other ministries involved, in drawing up national research policy.


Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry

This ministry is also involved in defining the PREDIT’s objectives, as well as steering and determining the programme’s strategy. Furthermore, along with Datar, it supervises the Inter-ministerial pooled fund.


ANR - The French National Research Agency

The National Research Agency (ANR) is a public administrative institution, created on 1st January 2007 to fund research projects. Its objective is to increase the number of research projects proposed by the scientific community, funded after a bidding process and peer review


ADEME - French Environment and Energy Management Agency

The ADEME helps fund research projects on implementation in the following sectors: Waste management, soil conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energies, air quality and noise control.

It also contributes to funding PREDIT 4.


OSEO -  the Agency for Innovation

A public-sector establishment, OSEO has three missions: Support for innovation, guarantees for bank loans and equity contributions, and partnership financing.



Deufrako is a cooperation initiative between the PREDIT and its German counterpart, the Mobilität und Verkehrstechnologien programme of the Federal German government.  It funds projects proposed by a Franco-German consortium for which bilateral cooperation offers added-value.

The modalities for funding Deufrako projects are detailed on the website: